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Who we are

PRAECIS BOLIVIA offers you top-notch translation services at very competitive rates.

The chief characteristic of our work is thoroughness, which allows us to guarantee that all of our translations stand out for their accuracy, naturalness and for the strength of a faultless wording.

We translate all kind of documents. We are language experts and specialists using research resources. Our mission is to channel your ideas and information as best as possible.

Whether you need to translate short documents or large projects, entrust us with them, we will consider your objectives and needs as ours.


We translate in the following language pairs

English    -->  Spanish
Spanish   -->  English
French     -->   Spanish
Spanish   -->   French
French     -->   English
English    -->   French

We have wide experience in the following specific fields:

- Development & International Cooperation

    -> Health
    -> Education
    -> Water and Sanitation
    -> Agriculture
    -> Environment
    -> Social Organization and Participation

- Informatics & Systems

     -> Website Localization
     -> Software
     -> Hardware
     -> Networks

- Mining

- Tourism

- Nutrition & Health

- Pharmacology

- Graphic Arts & Typography

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