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We are proud to introduce our most recent clients:

Sinchi Wayra S.A.

Sinchi Wayra is a mining company that operates 5 mines in the regions of Oruro and Potosí, producing zinc, lead, tin, gold and silver.

ADRA, one of the most important NGOs in Bolivia, at the service of communities in need. Cooperation, development, projects, health, infrastructure, agriculture, among other related terms.

GoBolivia is a company dedicated to high mountain climbing in the Andes Mountain Range. Tourism, adventure, nature and spirituality are combined in the services that GoBolivia offers.

Laboratorios BAGO [Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine]

TELEX IMPRESORES [Typography, Graphic Arts, Mechanics]


Some other companies and institutions we have offered our services before:



- IDEAS [Software, Programming, Systems]

- BERIT [Business, Projects, Export]

- FUND-ECO [Environment, Development]

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